Domed roof power plan, Hamburg (DE)

Holzbau Amann GmbH
Albtalstrasse 1, DE-79809 Weilheim-Bannholz, Germany

Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & CO. KG
Vom-Stein-Strasse 39, DE-03050 Cottbus, Germany

Year of construction

Planning contract
• Structural development
• Structural analysis for approval
• Structural analysis

Project description
The domed structures of the Hamburg-Moorburg power plant have a span of 115 m and were erected with cantilever construction methods despite the low overall height of less than one metre. They have a capacity of up to 170,000 tons with a dumping height of up to 60 m. The design was particularly challenging due to the enormous deformations caused by the asymmetrical filling levels.

• Dome constructions as glued laminated timber
• Two domes with a diameter of 115 m
• One dome with a diameter of 70 m
• Total covered area: 24,000 m²
• Assembly of the dome construction with cantilever construction methods

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