Kilden Performing Arts Center Kristiansand, Norway

Blumer-Lehmann AG
Erlenhof, 9200 Gossau, Switzerland

Trebyggeriet AS
Kjetså, NO-4737 Hornnes, Norway

ALA Arkitekter AS
Vestre Strandgate 42, NO-4612 Kristiansand, Norway

Year of construction

Planning contract
• Structural design of façade
• Structural analysis
• Structural analysis for approval

Kristiansand is located in the southwest of Norway and is of key importance in the Agder region. In 2002 a decision was made to build a concert and theatre house for the local symphony orchestra and the theatre college.
The key architectural feature of the exterior is a 4,000 m wave front made of knot-free Norwegian oak. The inauguration is scheduled for spring 2012.

• 4,000 m² double-curved façade of knot-free oak
• 12,500 custom formwork boards
• Substructure in individually curved laminated timber