New-build Tamedia AG, Zurich

Tamedia AG,
Werdstrasse 15, 8000 Zurich, Switzerland

Shigeru Ban Architects Europe, Paris, France

Year of construction

Planning contract
• Structural design
• Structural analysis
• Fire protection
• Construction management

Project description
The publishing house Tamedia AG commissioned the construction of a new building and an extension at its headquarters in the centre of Zurich. The new building consists of a seven-storey office building with a visible wooden structure. Its supporting structure is unique and was developed especially for this building. A remarkable feature is that the 21 m-long supports extend from the ground floor to the 5th floor and that no metal brackets were used for the joints. Beech plywood dowels were used for the joints. Additionally, the posts and ties are also reinforced with beech plywood dowels. These dowels are not visible from the outside.

Construction costs
CHF 45.8 million


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