Utility and fire brigade building, Wallisellen

Political municipality of Wallisellen
die werke versorgung wallisellen ag

CH Architekten AG, Bahnhofplatz 1B, 8304 Wallisellen

Year of construction

Planning contract
• Cost estimate
• Submission
• Structural analysis and dimensioning (timber construction)
• Construction supervision

Project description
After a very short construction period, the finished building was
inaugurated on 29 May 2010. The dominant, angular, wooden building houses the fire brigade as well as the Wallisellen utility works with its offices, workshops and storage rooms. Thanks to the optimal room layout, both occupants are able to use the synergies, theory room, lounge and terrace without getting in each other’s way. The building meets the goals of the “2000-watt society”, as is evident from the thickly insulated walls, the visible building
services, the mixture of wooden and concrete materials and the photovoltaic system on the roof. The deadlines and construction costs were met.

Construction costs
CHF 17.5 million